Ulrich Roloff performs solo concerts. Some of his solo programms have been issued on CD. Invited by a member of the Japanese imperial court in 2011 Roloff took part in the festival "Nippon to Asobo" at the temple complex Ninna Ji in Kyoto. There he performed a self composed solowork and - accompanied by Japanese koto players - arrangements of music by Johann Sebastian Bach. Roloff has also played as a soloist with several orchestras. So for example an appearance in Swedlogorsk and Kaliningrad (Russia) in October 2004, where he performed both the Mozart flute concertos with the National Symphony Orchestra Kaliningrad, conducted by chief conductor Arkadij Feldmann.

Video: Flutesolo Meditation (excerpt)



Duo Inventio

With the Duo Inventio that they formed in 1999, Ulrich Roloff and Johannes Mirow (acting solo cellist of the German Opera Orchestra Berlin) are freeing their instruments from the roles they play in the Baroque trio sonata (along with harpsichord and continuo) and allowing instead a genuine two-part dialogue for both instruments. The repertoire they present on their concert tours throughout Germany spans the entire period from the early Baroque to the Comtemporary. Besides original works Roloff and Mirow also present their own arrangements and their own compositions. So for example the inventions of Johann Sebastian Bach with additioned inventions of Ulrich Roloff in the missing keys - as published on CD under the title "Der zweistimmige Bach".



Duo Élysée

The Duo Élysée melds the flute and the harp (Franziska Huhn) into an enchanting tonal combination. Whether original works or transcriptions, the duo's repertoire spans the arc from the Baroque to the Modern, and carries the listener on a musical journey across the entire continent. The 2009 CD “Reisen in Fantasie und Gegenwart” contains two international debut recordings, one especially written for the Duo Élysée.



Contra P

Ulrich Roloff combines with bass- and subcontrabassflutist Hiko Iizuka, founding member of the ensemble of 14 Berlin Futists, a duo of extremly extravagant mixture and sound colour. The name Contra P stands on the one hand for counterpoint but also contra purism ! Therefor the duo presents works of the Baroque period in appealing arrangements by Roloff. The repertoire includes strict two-part works of Johann Sebastian Bach, music from Georg Philipp Telemann as well as a duoversion of viola da gamba variations over „Les Folies d'Espagne“ of Marin Marais.



Duo Orphée

Founded in 1999, Duo Orphee for flute and guitar has made successful tours throughout Germany and Switzerland. Their performances with the guitarist Felix Justen focussed mainly on the works of J.S. Bach (for example, their Bach concert with Leipzig's Thoman Choir in DeutschlandRadio's Wartburg Concert Series), but Duo Orphee also presents a broad diversity of styles in its repertoire. A CD issued in 2000 offers music exclusively from the 20th century (works by Ravi Shankar, Astor Piazzolla and Mario Castelnuovo Tedesco).



Ulrich Roloff's transcription of Johann Sebastian Bach's Goldberg Variations, arranged for flute/clarinet/viola/violoncello, have met with sensational success and enthusiastic response.

They were first performed in 2010 by the Goldberg Ensemble Berlin (Ulrich Roloff: flute, Matthias Höfele: clarinet, Kim Esther Roloff: viola, Johannes Mirow: violoncello). Since then they have been widly presented on events and festivals (such as summerwinds münsterland and Wurzer Sommerkonzerte). In 2013 the ensemble released a CD of the Goldberg variations. On the occasion of the Telemann anniversary in 2017 Roloff wrote a version of Georg Philipp Telemann's harpsicord solofantasies for the ensemble. On the Wurzer Sommerkonzerte it was highly acclaimed by audience and press. 

Playing in a quartet setting (flute/violin/viola/violoncello), Ulrich Roloff has performed the Mozart flute quartets with great success for the composer's 250th jubilee in 2006. He also released a live recording of these works. The quartet's repertoire includes a number of exceptional transcriptions: for example, the string quartets of Juan Crisóstomo de Arriaga, also recorded on CD, and "The Seven Last Words of Our Saviour on the Cross" from Joseph Haydn.

Video: W.A.Mozart: Flutequartet D-Major, KV 285, Allegro, Adagio

Video: J.S.Bach: Goldberg Variations, Goldberg Ensemble Berlin

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