Flute solo

"The fantastic qualities of the flautist and composer U.Roloff have been obviously. He presented the high skill in breathing without taking air."

Potsdamer Morgenpost


".....emphatically espressivo, using a subtle technique of breathing combined with all kinds of dynamic shades and lines U.Roloff developed his tremendously fast and bizarre meditations coming along partly ecstatically, partly gently....."

Schaumburger Zeitung


"There is no need to talk much about technique, but about the sound of U.Roloff's flute. He not only conjured an extremely delicate piano, but also all of a sudden three tones - micro- and overtones - and expanded by this the musical spectrum. Above all he succeeded to play long phrases without interruption by intensive use of circular breathing."

Braunschweiger Zeitung



Duo Flute and Piano

"A performance shaped as much by spirit as by sensitivity."

Der Tagesspiegel


"In a few seconds the room was transformed from nothingness into an organic sensation."

Alfelder Zeitung


"Besides technical brilliance there was also a very musical performance.....the audience was spellbound."

Japanese Music Magazine "Music today"


"In the play fascinated how the instruments have been marvellously bound with each other, the fine way of developing compositional climaxes and technical refinements."

Potsdamer Morgenpost


"Gaily colored in duet and dialogue.....colourful diverse sequences.....performance with dynamic contrasts was the recital's principal characteristic.....expressive teamwork.....swinging  liveliness."

Berliner Volksblatt


"In their virtuoso dialogue they understood how to interpret with many contrasts.....precise accentuated playing and great sensitivity.....they mastered the enormous demands of technique and understood how to convincingly bring forth the clearly structured sound and vitality of the music."

Herborner Tageblatt


"The exceptional breathing technique on the wind instrument contributed to the linear development of the thematic material. Seldom have I heard a work by Bach so selflessly interpreted, and so devoted to the revealing of the polyphonic structure. Ulrich Roloff exposed extensive fantasias that used all registers of experienced musical artistry."

Potsdamer Neueste Nachrichten


"Triumphant success.....both virtuosos surprised with their versed technique but especially with a great talent for interpretation and the ability to intrinsically identify themselves with the compositions, so that the performances are carried by an extraordinary faithfulness to the works of music.....soulful playing.....very sensitive virtuosity.....tumultuous acclamation."



"Subtile differentiated sensible interpretation.....with great sonorousness and intensely created sound patterns and onomatopoeia.....unsurpassable unity of musical statements and the union of two partners into a whole.....from ecstatic to almost extinguished sound giving.....explosive interpretation in many colours and feelings.....an outstanding concert also because of the absence of conceit and self-complacency."

Brandenburgische Nachrichten


"The perfect harmony of their musical understanding is simply admirable. Flute and piano merge into just one instrument with two tone-colours.....a concert program without compromise......soft timbre of playing, which progressively soared to restrained drama, from which the listener was barely able to remove himself.....full of tonal elegance they energetically and masterfully tossed the musical ball back and forth.....a high degree of technical intensity which demonstrated spiritual harmony.....They play music with sensitive and subtle intelligence. They celebrate the compositions. In mutual intensity they cause this highly concentrated tension characterizing only great music events."

Berliner Morgenpost



Duo Inventio

"To a high-class-concert the audience reacted with loud cheers."



"Whereas J.Mirow played the cello in a carefully considered but highly concentrated way U.Roloff seemed like a dancing artiste. He performed brilliantly with fantastic ease in a virtuoso and passionate manner at the same time."



"Long since U.Roloff had captivated the audience with his sometimes jubilating, sometimes warbling, sometimes melancholically narrating flute sensitively accompanied by the cello....great virtuosity was fully shown in the brilliant play of Bach's inventions."

Maerkische Allgemeine



Duo Élysée

"Magnificently played music."



"The duo being musically very familiar with each other played with such perfection that it is difficult to describe but has to be listened to. The fascinated audience took revenge by thunderous minutes lasting applause."

Isenhagener Kreisblatt


"A concert of absolute contrasts.....incredible lively and of a pictorial musical speech....right from the start both interprets succeeded to get in touch with the audience not only in a professional way, but also with dedication and openness. They presented music which was impressive and had to be taken with you to get digested. It was a concert that sticks in memory."

Alfelder Zeitung


"No doubt the two Berlin artists are master of their instruments. Already the first few bars made everything clear. With uncompromising sense for structural facets the harp took over her part and the flautist joined in with strikingly smooth sound giving. So already the starting has been a kind of event....really astonishing how U.Roloff juggled in a very impressive manner with ornaments rich of caprioles. His partner displayed just as much a wide panorama of feelings getting under the skin.....the interprets enjoyed to the full the opulent tonal flow building it up by manifold intensifications to delicacy. The duo pulled out all the stops and changed in a virtuoso manner between the different stiles of music which had all in common: being inspired by a deep desire emerging sometimes fiery, sometimes melancholically."

Schaumburger Zeitung



Duo Orphée

"Extremely fine played music could be heard in an enchanted concert."

Schwarzwälder Bote


"U. Roloff dominated with elaborated technique of breathing and in making full use of interpretation up to tonal sharpness of his instrument. Both musicians found a harmonious balance concerning sound and dynamic."

Möllner Zeitung


"U. Roloff spread out mellow and broad sound with long breath filling easily the concert-hall. Bach's Sarabande with its expanding mellifluousness and the gigantic breath turned out to be a highlight of the evening."

Zeitung Bad Boll


"Some enjoyments of art are kept with long lasting effect in mind. There was no doubt for experts and audience that the concert of the two artists belongs to this kind of art. The homogeneity of the Duo Orphée was exceptionally brilliant. The feelings have been presented impressively, the realization was absolutely magnificent. Despite of the highest demands of both players it never sounded sterile or cold, but always warm and balanced in tone. The artists complemented each other to a wonderful unity firing the audience."

Oberbergische Volkszeitung


"If it was the aim like Orpheus to silence wind and sea and to make stones cry, both artists would be serious candidates for this task. The two young musicians interpreted the music with so much ability to empathize and musicality that it was a pleasure to be present. Again and again it seemed as if a beautiful human voice produced the melancholically tones. The duo fired the audience with fascinating contrasts, temperament and delicate sound. After this they got only released with a heavy heart and not before playing an encore."

Badisches Tagblatt



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