Born in Berlin, Ulrich Roloff today performs inside and outside of Germany (notably in China and Japan) as a soloist as well as with ensembles in duo with harp (Duo Élysée), with cello (Duo Inventio), with bass- and subcontrabassflute (Duo Contra P) or with guitar (Duo Orphée ). He shows often a preference for very special arrangements. In particular works of Johann Sebastian Bach have been performed in very exceptional formations: be it accompanied by Japanese koto-players or presenting the Inventions of Bach as Duo Inventio/Duo Contra P or the Goldberg variations as Goldberg Ensemble Berlin. Roloff has been a guest at numerous music festivals and concert series (including the festival "Nippon to Asobo" in Kyoto, summerwinds münster, Musiktage Salzgitter, series Wartburgkonzerte of DeutschlandRadio, the series of Potsdamer Hofkonzerte at the Neues Palais in Potsdam, the Öschelbronner Musikfestwoche, as well as a concert initiated and performed for the President of the German Federal Republic at Castle Bellevue in Berlin). He has frequently performed at the Philharmonic Hall in Berlin; his concerts there have been broadcast on radio and recorded on CD on numerous occasions. In addition to his concert activities he also devotes himself to composing - in 1996 he premiered a composition for solo flute at Berlin’s Philharmonic Hall. At 16 he was also at national level several times a prize winner in the “Youth Plays Music” competition. At the same age Roloff was accepted into the class of Professor Dr. Hans-Peter Schmitz (soloflute of the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra) at the Julius Stern Institute in Berlin. He continued his studies at the then Music College of Berlin, followed by a number of years under Peter Lloyd (soloflute of the London Symphony Orchestra) at the Guildhall School of Music in London. He finally completed his musical education in Berlin with additional studies by Andreas Blau (soloflute of the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra). Roloff also credits studying with his father, the pianist Helmut Roloff, as the fundamental musical influence. Lastly, it must be mentioned that Roloff is a master of the technique of circular breathing.


Impressions of the 18th festival "Nippon to Asobo"

This festival took place on October 4th and 5th 2011 in the temple complex Ninna Ji in Kyoto. For this performance Roloff had been invited by a member of the Japanese imperial court. Koto player: Shin Ichikawa, Azumi Yamano.


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